Koyunoglu Mining

Since 1976, Unallar Group has completed various government construction projects across Turkey. With over 25 years of corporate experience, Unallar Group decided to invest  in the mining industry and established Koyunoglu Mining in 2004. Koyunoglu specialized in chromium and purchased large chrome mines in Erdemli (Mersin City) and Findikpinari (Mersin City) area. In less than 5 years Koyunoglu Mining constructed two Chrome Enrichment Factories and continues to significantly invest in its production capabilities. Two factories with current capacity of 48,000mt/year at %48 base chrome concentrate is planned to be improved to 60,000mt/year by the end of 2022. Koyunoglu Mining Factories run every season of the year and continuously maximize capacity.

Koyunoglu is one of the top 10 chrome ore producers in Turkey. With its high quality production capability and corporate structure Koyunoglu Mining is cooperating with only the major companies of the global mining industry.

The Factories and mines located near the coastal area of Mersin city, has a logistic and climate advantage. Koyunoglu Mining Chrome Enrichment Factories work 12 months per year and could transport its product directly to International Mersin Port which is only 50km away.

Combining its 45 years of corporate experience with the state of the art technologies, Koyunoglu Mining is planning further investments to boost it's production capacity.